How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Good Shape

Just like everything in life, routine maintenance is vital to keep everything running smoothly. It’s the reason we eat fruits and vegetables, go to the dentist every 6 months and receive our yearly checkup at the doctor. Your home is no different. There are small things that we can do throughout the year to keep your air conditioner in good shape. Below you will find a few:

Check & Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

This is the easiest, and most important, thing you can do to ensure your AC unit is running as it should. By changing your air filters, you are preventing dirt from building up. This dirt restricts airflow and can cause less cool air from coming through your vents or freeze your evaporator coil. It’s best to avoid both of those scenarios. We suggest checking your air filter every month or 2 (every month during summer and winter). Change it out even if there is only a thin layer of dirt present.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Debris-Free

Do you know why you need to keep your outdoor unit uncovered from dirt and debris? This unit, also called the condenser, takes all of the heat from your home and dumps it outside. During summer months here in Myrtle Beach, your condenser works very hard for you, so it’s important to take good care of it. If the condenser has to work harder due to debris, it will take longer to cool your home and your electric bill will do up due to the extra work going into the process.

If It’s Broke, Get It Fixed

Do not ignore something that needs repaired. If your AC needs a repair, get it done. Something small can turn into something big in no time. If you notice a strange smell coming from your vents or hear unusual sounds, there’s a good change something is wrong. Plus nobody wants an outage during the dog days of summer in Myrtle Beach!

Sign Up For An Annual Service Plan

911 Comfort Air offers a Family Comfort Plus Annual Service Plan that includes discounts on service and repairs, an air conditioning performance tune-up, heating performance tune-up and so much more. For more information, please click here.