Is Your Heating System Ready For The Cold Weather? 

Many of us welcome cooler temperatures as a break from sweltering heat, a time to place pumpkins outside, and getting to wear some snugglier gear. Others of us think about the more practical parts such as a possible increase in heating costs, and maintenance of that system. But we are here to help with five ways you can prepare your heating system for the chillier South Carolina temperatures. 

Replace the Air Filters 

A dirty, older air filter has many downsides. It is not as energy-efficient, costing you more in heating costs, blows sediment into your home, and can cause damage to your unit. This is a simple, cost-effective way to prepare for the season. 

Seal Home Leaks 

Don’t try to cool the outside! Warm air escapes quickly through any leaks or drafts in your home, that includes windows, doors, roof, and fireplace. This makes your heating system work harder than necessary, and also will make your heating bill sky high. 

Clean Out Your Gutters 

If you have any debris left from storms and the fall season, this can cause clogs in your drain system on your home. This buildup can cause water damage, leading to eventual leaks in your home. Cleaning out your gutters is a simply afternoon weekend fix, or call someone to do for you!  

Clear Your Heating Vents 

Check where your heating vents are located in your house to ensure that there isn’t any furniture, rugs, or other items clocking or covering them. This allows the heat to freely escape, keeping your family warm and your system not working harder than necessary. 

Seal Any Open Ducts 

Your heating ducts are usually located below or above the main living floors a home, making them something we don’t think about often. If those become compromised in anyway such as leaks, holes, rips etc., you will loose a lot of your heat. This will cost you more money in heating and make your system work much harder than needed.