Air Purification

The indoor air quality of your home or business is very important. Air purifiers can remove particles in the air, combat germs, and even fight odors! You and your family should get to breath the cleanest air, every day. And though HVAC systems do some filtering in your home, the main purpose of basic HVAC systems is for climate control – to keep your home or place of business warm or cool – and the built in filtration systems are meant to protect the HVAC system in order to maintain proper function, NOT purify your air.

Air purification systems can be integrated into existing HVAC systems or a standalone system can be installed. Better air quality in your home can also have health benefits. Cleaner air can alleviate or prevent symptoms of asthma or allergies by removing common air pollutants and irritants such as dust, smoke, and pollen.

In addition to air purifiers, you can use the following simple steps to additionally improve the air quality of your home or business:

  • Vacuum often and thoroughly.
  • Do not smoke indoors.
  • Keep your HVAC systems well-maintained, with air filters changed regularly.
  • Use exhaust fans in the kitchen, bath, and laundry areas of your home.
  • Minimize the use of candles or wood fires.
  • Do not store air irritants such as chemicals, solvents, glues, or pesticides near living quarters or public spaces.