Living on the humid, hurricane-prone coast, severe weather and natural disaster can overload local electrical grids and lead to power outages. Give yourself peace of mind with a whole-home generator. When your power goes out, your back-up generator can keep your food from spoiling, your internet up, and other necessary mechanical systems running, so you can stay worry-free during severe storms or other power grid failures.

We here at 911 HVAC are proud to bring you some of the best whole-house back-up generators in the industry with Generac and Honeywell generators. Let our HVAC specialists help you determine which generator is best for your family’s needs, and no longer feel vulnerable during your next blackout.

With a whole-home generator, you can get your home back up-and-running to almost full capacity without having to make difficult choices between running your A/C or running your refrigerator. Unlike home standby generators, which cannot power everything at once, whole-home generators from Generac and Honeywell have higher quality and higher capacity engines that can power everything at once. They can back up your entire home instead of just bare essential circuitry like with standby generators. Whole-home generators are also quieter, have longer maintenance intervals, and are more fuel-efficient.