Preparing Your AC Unit For A Hurricane

When a hurricane is in the forecast, most of us think of a few things first: stock up on food, water, and necessities, take in or secure outdoor furniture, grill and other items, board up windows, get sand bags etc. But what about your air conditioning units? This vital piece of your home needs to be prepared for the storm as well. Here are a few ways you can get your unit ready: 

Protect Outdoor AC’s 

Any units outside the home are at high risk for damage during hurricane. Damage can be done by either high winds or flying debris. When some units are installed, they have hurricane straps built into the unit to provide extra support. If not, we suggest purchasing and installing some as a proactive measure to protect your AC system. 

Turn it Off 

Of course you want to remain cool and comfortable as long as possible while riding out a hurricane, but you do need to turn off your system at some point. If you leave it running, and then the power on and off many times, you run the risk of power surges during the course of the storm. These can damage or ruin your AC system. It is recommended to turn down the AC as low as you wish prior turning it off for good during the height of the storm. This should help you to be cool and comfortable longer while the storm runs its course. 

Another way to protect your AC system is to install a surge protector in your breaker box for your entire home. This helps for both power surges and lightening strikes. 


While there isn’t much that can be done if there is major flooding, but if you sometimes get a little more water than normal in your yard during storms, you can protect your home and AC unit. It is recommended that you use sandbags to pile around or near your unit, creating a fortress type wall. While this isn’t perfect, if you only get inches of water, this could help protect your AC system.